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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 11th day of february, 2011. a nice day in manhattan. a little bit cold. these folks came to kick off the weekend with us. we decided it's so cold -- i actually begged to stay inside. >> by sunday it will be nice and warm, sunny. you won't need all the heavy coats and hats. >> it's about time. thank you very much, al. we have been wanting that news for some time. i'm ann curry with al roker. matt is off this morning. coming up, talking about the breaking news out of cairo where
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masses are pouring into tahrir square. they have been outraged over president mubarak's declaration on thursday that he will serve out his term. he's talking about handing over power to his vice president. people are reacting to the news and also that mubarak left the capitol for another place in egypt. the story is still developing. >> absolutely. back at home we'll tour homes. barbara corcoran found homes whether you like country club living or lakefront views. and also teens and kids are more stressed out than ever. sometimes we as parents add to the anxiety. coming up, advice on how to destress your kids. >> i give my kids a massage sometimes on their shoulders. sometimes a whole body massage to help with stress. setting the mood for valentine's day, a romantic tablescape.
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first to the top stories from natalie. >> good morning, everyone. u.s. officials are confirming that egyptian president hosni mubarak left cairo with his family and is in a resort city in egypt. the u.s. is confident mubarak handed over his presidential powers to his vice president. this as protesters are staging what may be the largest demonstration yet. ron allen is in tahrir square. ron, how are people reacting on the ground to the news that mubarak left the capitol city? >> they are reacting with skepticism. they don't believe it. they want a clear sign that he's not only left the capitol but left the scene completely. the reports were around the square and one woman said, he's a liar. we don't believe him. people here are determined to rid the country of the regime, every remnant of it.
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they don't want to see the vice president in charge. they don't want to see the president in charge. until there are clear steps by mubarak that shows the country he's no longer exercising power, i think people will stay in the square indefinitely. they keep coming. there must be hundreds of thousands of people here. also, there are symbols of power around the capitol. they are at the parliament buildings, the presidential palace and at the main state-run radio and tv stations. one of the biggest propaganda tools in the country. people are not satisfied. they are gathering in the square. they will be here again and again until they see a clear break with the past. they have not seen it yet. they were so disappointed with mubarak's speech last night where they thought he was going to resign and he didn't. they do not trust mubarak. they don't believe anything he says and they are going to stay here and push, push, push, until
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they are certain this country is rid of president hosni mubarak. back to you. >> all right. ron allen in tahrir square following the developments. thank you for keeping us up to date. the gas explosion that rocked allentown, pennsylvania has claimed five lives and levelled dozens of homes. this is the latest in a string of natural gas explosions. a fireball was caught on tape in philadelphia. last year a blast in northern california killed eight people. meanwhile last night in rural ohio, a ruptured gas line caused another explosive fireball and sweeping brush fires. le fortunately there were no injuries reported in the blast. arizona governor jan brewer filed a counter suit against the federal government challenging the new immigration law in arizona in court. brewer's suit said washington has failed to protect arizona from illegal immigrants forcing the state to pay for jail time when some commit crimes. lawyers for jared loughner are asking a judge to bar u.s.
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marshalls from releasing a mug shot of loughner. one picture has been released, this one showing him smirk, the service said it has another photo. loughner pleaded not guilty to shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 18 others. the tense atmosphere at the venezuela national assembly turned into a dust-up after a member of a party opposing hugo chavez marched to the podium in protest. an argument broke out and it turned into a brawl until soldiers came in to break it up. this february, we could all use a little bit more sun, right? this week a pair of nasa spacecrafts met up near the sun after a four four-year voyage. in addition to taking pictures with never before seen detail they are studying a cycle of energy output the sun is scheduled to enter in may of 2013. solar flares could cause electrical disturbances on
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earth. nasa is looking at the bright side and using research to limit the damage. that's a spectacular image there. five minutes past the hour. now to mr. roker for a check on the weather. >> cool stuff. we have clouds moving into the pacific northwest. a cold front drapes along central florida. that's going to bring more rain. lake effect snowshowers in the northeast and northern new england. no big problems. plenty of sunshine out west. 65 in san francisco. 76 in l.a. we expect showers on the midatlantic coastline and lake effect snows throughout the great lakes as well. >> if you scattered clouds in pennsylvania. cold temperatures to start the day today. we warm up very nicely with plenty of sunshine.
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time now for "today's real estate." great deals to be had on homes across the country. today, real estate expert barbara corcoran has us covered. good morning. >> good morning, al. >> we're starting off with a bang in palm springs, california. 429,000. some amazing mountain views. >> when you hear palm springs people think of warm pools and palm trees and this house helps with that reputation. it's a mid century modern home for people who love golf. it's right on the fairway. out back it's even prettier than the front with a pool, sweeping mountain views in just about every direction.
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there is woodwork throughout the house that's been designed with the house. it's got high impact. black and white design. not the thing i normally like, but i think it works in this house and gleaming white floors. sliding glass doors into the backyard. the kitchen is open, as you see, with the main living area. built in wine storage and breakfast area. the average temperature in the winter is 75 and in the summer it's 95 degrees. not a bad place to live. >> not a house for everybody. >> it's a house i see someone without children living there. a couple or single person. super modern and delicious to look at. >> in louisville, kentucky, a more traditional home. $410,000. >> the first kentucky derby was in 1875 and that's still the big deal in town, the run for the roses. this is a georgian colonial, a typical house for the area. it's the kind of house that would make your relatives think
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you have struck it rich. remember, it's only $409,000. >> love the fireplace in the backyard. >> that's the backyard. big mature trees, double story fireplace, beautiful furniture. who wouldn't sit out there and be comfortable? it has a sunny family room with beautiful woodworking. it's meticulous. you could just move in. in fact, i would say this house needs a few things on the counter. looks like nobody's living there. that's how neat these people are. the family room is adjacent to the kitchen. granite throughout the house. a nice glass cubed wall is beautiful in the family room. i think that's a nice hangout room and that's what they use it for. everything in the house is meticulous. it's $409,000. >> does the fireplace add to the value? >> it's dramatic. it impresses everybody. people pay extra. >> now to the pacific northwest. seattle, washington. we have a duplex for $450,000.
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i don't think we have had one. >> they are unusual. most towns don't allow them. this one has two kitchens, two living rooms, two of everything. it's readily convertible to a one-family house. it has a pretty cottage garden out front. detailed wood trim. an unusual staircase going up to the loft area which they use for the kids. beautiful gleaming wood floors. there is an upstairs kitchen painted with tile counters and a back splash. >> look at the garage door wall! >> i know. that's a spare kitchen in the house. it's just as nice as the other kitchen in the house. i like the exposed wood beams. you wouldn't know this is in the garage. but there it is. it's a modern house. very hip. there is nothing traditional inside. outside it's traditional in every way. this is a great house. look at the space in the living room. >> really cool. in missouri, we're going to lori, missouri.
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$429,000 to a lakefront property. >> i think there ought to be a song with lori, missouri. it's perfect. three hours west of st. louis with its own private cove and a walkway that leads to your own beautiful lake. that's a cute little house. i love the proportion. it's neat as a pin. the house has plenty of windows. every wall takes full advantage of the beautiful views. if you saw this peek, there is nothing behind, nothing in front and your very own dock with an open floor plan in the house. all the living areas on the entry level. >> look at the view. >> that's a beautiful working fireplace. a laundry room on the main floor which is a plus. gorgeous kitchen. beautiful cabinetry. this is a beautiful house. >> gorgeous. we have a property that's very different from the ones we have seen so far. this is $450,000 in new york. >> montor falls.
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what's great about this house is a drop dead view of the falls. there is the front of the house. looks like a storybook house. it's in the heart of the finger lakes in the wine country. great weekend house. besides the nearby walking and biking trails it's three miles from watkins glen which is a great ski area and international raceway. there is the view from the backyard. >> oh, my gosh! >> what's wrong with that? the town put in lights so you're looking at quiet lights all night long and you hear the rush of the waterfall in the backyard. >> so you have to go to the bathroom all night. >> only you would say that. al, you're terrible. this is terrible. all right. let's move on. i'm trying to save you. >> that's all we have. >> kitchen, windows. very nice drapes. they look like they have fallen down a little bit. i can't get over that comment. you're terrible, al. let's move on.
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>> you were thinking it. >> no, no. >> who was? see? have a great weekend. find out more information on the homes at . up next, from too much school work to overscheduling how we can help kids destress. later, creating a romantic dinner date on valentine's day. i think i will take barbara, with the help of lifestyle expert colin collins. first, these messages. so i can't sleep... can't b. and the next day i pay for it. i tried decongestants... i tossed & turned... i even vaporized! and then i fought back: with new drug-free breathe right advanced. these nasal strips instantly opened my nose, like a breath of fresh air. i was breathing and sleeping better! [ female announcer ] exercise your right to breathe right... get two free strips at hey, it's your right to breathe right!
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today," destressing your kids. between social pressures, school work and extracurricular activities a new study finds american kids are more anxious than ever before. michelle borba is a psychologist and "today" contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> a study by ucla showed the mental health of freshman students had only a 52% rating their emotional health as above average. you have to wonder what this is doing to their overall health. >> it is doing damage in terms of their physical and emotional well-being. >> confidence. >> oh, the confidence. the importance of the study, this is 25 years. it's been tracking thousands of kids and we have never seen a bigger spike and that girls are way up on the stress level, too. >> that's really scary. >> so let's do something about it. >> what is the culprit?
9:17 am
what's the reason behind the stress? >> there are a number of them. let's look at the culture of what's happening in the last ten years. first of all, every kid would say it is a more competitive world they are growing up in. high stakes in terms of test scores, achievement and they are called gen stress. we are looking at the economy filtering in this. that's making a big thing. many of our college kids figure they have to get the loan. they have to get the money, the scholarship. another one is they are overscheduled from a very early age. they have lost the commodity called play. >> free time. >> free time to decompress and parents. 85% of kids say they are -- >> pressure at home. >> home is what's pressuring them and they are feeling it. >> as parents we often don't realize how much it is affecting our kids. but every day you can see the effects, right? >> it's huge. 85% of those kids are saying
9:18 am
they are going to school and can't focus as ale result of the stress at home. the first thing is there is no rewind button on parenting. >> right. >> push the pause button and say, what am i going to do in my home. there are things we can control. >> first, you say to identify your kids' stress signs. what are we looking for? >> first, in terms of physical signs you want to be able to look and see, for instance, is that child -- headaches, stomachaches, nauseous. the thing that's important is every child will have a different sign. but you are looking at a pattern in your child. trouble sleeping is a huge one. insomnia. >> getting sick a lot. >> the frequent colds is really one that's also a concern add w -- as well. a big one we may overlook is
9:19 am
trouble focusing and concentrating. a little bit more clingy, the crying element. we are also looking at more irritable, quicker. now every teen will be like that. >> i was going to say, that's adolescence in a nutshell. >> you are looking for the moment when your child is pushed a little bit more. start tracking it. you will see a pattern and your goal as a parent is to watch when it gets too much at the overload level so you can start reducing it for your child and particularly for a teen. let him know what the signs are so when he goes away he can say -- >> you say to teach kids coping strategies to reduce stress. >> before we do that we have to look at our home. we have to do things at home. it's critical. step one is, if 85% of the kids say they are stressed out, ask yourself, is my home a place where my kids can decompress and relax? doesn't mean all of the time, but add some joy, fun.
9:20 am
>> get some free time back. >> check the schedule. check to see, is there something you can cut? look at things that could be causing the stress or enhancing it. if you keep your kid on a routine schedule or look at the sleep stealers or the energy stealers. a lot of kids are drinking caffeine and that's keeping them up at night. >> you encourage deep breathing, yoga, exercise. >> that's what we are going to do. once we get to those levels the next thing we can do is teach what are called stress busters. the first best one is to take a full deep breath from way down here in your tummy. if a little guy doesn't know how, bubble blowers are fabulous. how far can you get your worry to go away? yoga. girls say it's wonderful. >> right. exercise. boys say that's helpful. a positive mantra in your head is wonderful as well.
9:21 am
>> right. >> go away, worries. you can't bother me. >> more on the website as well. michelle, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> up next, two women get plucked from the plaza for an instant ambush makeover. we'll reveal their hot new looks ahead after this.
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fios. a network ahead. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news update. >> the sun is out this morning and a few clouds close to pennsylvania. high-pressure gives us good weather today. we warm up a little bit. 39 today, a 42 saturday, up 50 sunday, and next week we warm up through
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♪ the beautiful voice of best-selling singer josh grobin. he'll be here to help us celebrate valentine's day with a live, very romantic performance, monday here on "today." i just love him. so great. >> what a voice. >> meanwhile in this half hour we'll help you set the mood for valentine's day with our experts. >> it's all about the ambience
9:31 am
and we have colin kelly. he's terrific at setting the mood from the music, i guess to the shake there, to the table setting. >> that's a martini. >> we have a way for you to save money by making the romantic male at home. >> nice. >> you can do it for cheap at home. >> if you have the red shirt like colin, you're in like flynn. if you want to cook up something special, we have a latin lover seafood paella and sangria. ingrid hoffman shows us how to spice it up. >> what accent is that? >> that's puss in boots. >> sounds like antonio banderas. >> hairball! >> we have people to introduce. >> we have lester holt and amy robach with what's coming up on "weekend today". >> hard to top that. coming up with the housing drag
9:32 am
and the economy people are opting to rent instead of buy. what's best? we'll take a look at how you figure that out. >> and mysteries. from a chilling claim of alien abduction to the search for the fountain of youth and the zodiac killer, we are digging for truth. we get advice from the ultimate wives club. they have tips to make a relationship last. more this weekend on "today." >> sounds great, guys. meantime we have weather to talk about. it will be all about that this weekend. >> things are finally warming up across the country. no major storms. saturday, rain in the pacific northwest. mild from the southwest on into texas. cool weather in the southeast. at least it will be sunny with snowshowers from a clipper coming across the great lakes. sunday, windy conditions through the great lakes. more rain in the pacific northwest and the snowshowers continue in the northeast, northern new england. we are looking at mild
9:33 am
conditions gulf southeast into the mid mississippi river valley and warm through the southwest. u >> this is what sunrise looked like over the inner harbor. there is the son over the edge of the picture. here is with the forecast is here is with the forecast is during the day. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. lester, you did such a great job in egypt. >> oh, thank you. >> nice to have you home. >> coming up next, colin cowie is setting if mood for valentine's day if you plan to stay in, that is. right after this. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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you care and what better way than to create an intimate evening just for the two of you? we have colin cowie here with good ideas this morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm great. i love the idea. it means you don't need to worry about not having made the reservation. you can do it in your own home. >> i don't know of any woman that wouldn't love a man to cook for her. >> let's talk about what a man can do for a woman. >> we started with the setting. flowers are five times the cost of valentines and roses are the most expensive. we used purple. fun, expensive toebl with votives, purple napkins to set the tone. >> you're saying it's about little touches. you don't have to go extreme. >> anyone can do this. the great thing is it's really well priced. when it comes to food, use ingredients you can pick up on the way home from work.
9:39 am
poached lobster and cocktail sauce. seafood is a great aphrodisiac. >> oh, i didn't know that. i knew it about oysters. >> then some store bought pasta sauce or gourmet good quality sauce. lobster tail. then we always want a good cocktail to go with it. >> we do. >> i mixed it with pomegranate liquor, quantro and vodka. that's enough to get us going. >> i think i will take that with me as i move on. >> absolutely. now we'll talk about dessert. >> happy valentine's day. this is a great one. >> this is edible ink. you can write a beautiful note to a loved one which sets the tone for everything. then we'll take the chocolate
9:40 am
brownie. you can find it pretty much in any store. add to it a little bit of chocolate sauce and run this across. look how easy. >> a man can do this for a woman or a woman can do it for a man. >> if a man serves chocolate with an i love you and edible ink. >> you won. >> that's money in the bank. >> as you build that a lot of people will be asking where to get the edible pens. >> i found them at the cake store. >> they come in different colors? >> they do. >> i love the little message of "i love you" on a basic white plate. >> it can go from drab to sad. >> you know what you're doing. fantastic. what that says to anyone is, look, i went to this trouble for you. it's not that hard to do. >> gorgeous. >> a brownie, scoop of ice cream, a truffle and a raspberry
9:41 am
on top. >> honey, i had one of these. i may fall over in a second. listen, this is what you suggest a woman to do for a man. >> say they went to a restaurant and she invites him back for dessert. >> why are we on the floor? >> you move to the coffee table with a couple of cushions. we use beautiful candles. we all look more beautiful in candle light. >> being on the floor says, this is not your everyday. this is going to be different. >> valentine's comes once a year. >> exactly. why do we have the marshmallows? >> they're on sticks, so you can feed one another. >> oh, great. now we start moving to pouring chocolate on each other. colin, shall we turn the cameras off? >> that's a different network. >> there is another thing you can feed each other. >> kabobs. >> dip them in there and there you go. >> the chocolate biscotti.
9:42 am
another great idea. >> do you know what i like? the idea of not eating with -- i mean, you can eat with forks. >> but eat with your hands or feed one another. >> it's more sensual and tactile. >> this is amazing. i found these glasses at the museum of modern art. look how great. and a bit of rose champagne. because this is a vacuum sealed glass the temperature of your hand doesn't affect it. it's nice and cool. >> yes. >> after we have a little agent provocateur set up. >> strip poker. >> what are you trying here. >> happy valentine's. great ideas and some of us might be able to use. up next, what you may want to think about serving in addition to what colin chose from seafood
9:43 am
to sang rhria. we have a spanish inspired meal after this. [ female announcer ] this year, i have a lot more than one valentine. one for making my perfect cup of coffee. one for being the perfect neighbor. and one for no reason at all. your moment. your dove. ♪
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this morning in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? we are spicing up valentine's day with a latin-inspired menu. >> now we're talking. i ingrid hoffman joins us. happy valentine's day. >> i'm bringing you good food. a nice spanish meal. we have sangria, basil infused. we have crema. seafood. >> you're using noodles? >> this is a style with noodles. al, want to help me? that's garlic. >> you really brown the noodles. >> it's a trick to doing paella. originally this was from valencia, but they do it with
9:47 am
thick noodles. here the catalan style does it with thin pasta. if you don't break them up, it is a nightmare to stir. so break them. we have the garlic, seafood broth. this cooks everything in less than ten minutes. here goes our tomatoes. canned tomatoes. we do a pinch of cinnamon. >> oh, wow. >> that's the key ingredient besides seafood are the spices. >> exactly. >> issaffron. >> just a pinch. believe it or not, the cinnamon helps really intensify. the paprika. >> you can find these in any grocery store. >> this is all super easy. now we do a little bit of sherry. eyeball it. as much as you like. >> i have bigger eyeballs than you. >> if you want, you can add
9:48 am
onions, parsley, the petit-pois -- peas. the peas. and then we'll add the seafood. we have mussels and calamari. the trick is that you cook it very little. now this will really just take a few minutes. we'll cover it andle while that stays cooking we'll do our crema catalana. >> is it like creme brulee? >> you cook the broo lcreme brud this you don't. you torch it at the end. we have cinnamon, orange in there. >> what is that -- cream? >> that's five cups of milk. we want to warm it, extract the cinnamon flavor. a little bit of the orange rind. >> beautiful. >> then literally this goes into -- we mix it up. >> pouring it in?
9:49 am
>> it was going to be the other way around, but don't worry. >> let's make it easy. >> you want the milk not to be hot so you don't turn into into scrambled eggs. >> now on this side, pretend that's cooked through. we added the corn starch as well. >> okay. >> this is what it actually looks like when done. >> so yummy, right? >> we're going to spoon it into ramekins? >> help me with that. >> making us work today. >> work it. >> geez. >> and what are you doing? >> i'm just standing and watching. >> did you salt this? we didn't, right? >> salt this up a little bit. for the paella you're waiting for the mussels to open up? >> while the fidellos cook it's eight, nine minutes. >> faster, faster.
9:50 am
>> our custard! >> it's very easy to make. and, of course -- >> the magic of tv. >> if you are single and don't have a significant other, in spanish we call it the day valentine's day of love and friendship. gather your friends together. you know, serve them a nice sangria. this is relatively inexpensive. do it with chicken or pork. >> to finish this off, put sugar on top? >> you put sugar on and torch it, but there is no torching at 30 rock. >> we don't torch. can you put it under a broiler? >> you can. i have the little torch at home. it's fun to use. i love torching. this is super easy. >> you were carrying a torch for me, weren't you? >> i was. >> we all do. >> we have the basil-infused sangria. >> i'm going for the paella. >> let me give you plates here. >> that's really good.
9:51 am
>> the cinnamon really gives it a little -- >> the idea is you don't taste the cinnamon. >> it's the infusion of flavor. >> exactly. >> wonderful. >> i promised jim in makeup i would serve him. save him some paella. >> the strange thing is we don't have a guy named jim in makeup. >> yes, you do. you're bad. >> i don't know who that is. >> he made me look decent this morning. >> happy valentine's day. >> to you, too. even though today you weren't sweet to me. >> what? under the bus, ingrid! >> wow! we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
hoda and kathie lee are here to tell us what's cooking. kathie lee, tell us about this fat melting thing going on. >> you have to watch the fourth hour, of course, to find out about it. it's a procedure if you have one
9:54 am
little area that no matter what you do you can't get rid of it. this was suggested and i put myself through the paces. i didn't pay for the machine. >> it's a melting procedure. it melts it and then it go -- >> it scalds your fat into submission. then you flush it. >> what's it called? >> excela. >> it's leaving from penn station. the 10:15 from washington, d.c. it takes your fat down the northeast corridor. >> by the fourth hour in a few minutes i will know the name of that thing. i'll do my homework. >> this is delicious. >> you have ambush makeovers, too? >> you know more about the show than we do, al. >> and food for love. >> let the games begin. cheers, everyone. >> can't wait to see the fat melting. >> you won't actually see it. >> all that and more.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> the sun is out and the low temperature this morning is 13.
9:58 am
we are rising to the 20's. we expected to make it to the upper 30's to near 40 for the height today. mostly sunny skies in the forecast. south southwest winds at five to 10. it out and enj
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